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Your Kid Might Not Be Interesting

Your Kid Might Not Be Interesting February 17 Highly selective colleges want kids who arent boring. Is your kid boring? Would you even know? Ok, maybe you dont think your kid is very boring. He or she probably isnt. Maybe your son is a super nice kid who has a big heart, is a really good  soccer and hockey teammate, does a lot of volunteering and is just the kind of kid everyone wants to be around. Thats fantastic! Who wouldnt want to raise a kid like that? But  if youre a regular reader of our college admissions blog, we have a feeling you know whats coming. In the world of college admissions, how weve presented that kid in the previous sentences is totally and completely boring. ZZZzzz. Can you say snoozefest!? Parents often call us and tell us that their kids are great, well-rounded kids. And if youre a regular reader of our college admissions blog, you know that highly selective colleges expressly dont want well-rounded kids. Rather, they want singularly talented kids  to form a well-rounded class of talented students. Malcolm Gladwell taught the world that you need to spend 10,000 hours to excel at a particular task. Its how Bill Gates learned to code. Its how Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all-time. When we correct these parents and suggest that colleges dont want well-rounded students, they quite often immediately backtrack and say that their kid is singularly talented, that they dont do a host of activities for a couple of hours a week. But most of the time the evidence doesnt back them up, as they themselves often acknowledge. And the case that they made for their kid initially is the case that these kids end up making on their many college applications. And i ts a case thatll lead to long prison sentences. No, were only kidding. It wont lead to long prison sentences. But its not going to help  them get into highly selective colleges. Rather, its a case thatll hurt them in the admissions process. Boring kids on paper can be exceptional kids. We know that. You know that. Duh. But how your kid presents himself or herself on applications matters a great deal and we find that too many kids present themselves as totally and completely boring. These kids and parents often dont even know what boring is because they put too much of a halo around their own boringness. Its like being in a room for hours with dead fish. After a while, dead fish is the only smell you know!  The students of Ivy Coach dont present themselves as boring at all and the earlier you come to us as clients, the more we can help make your kid less boring and more interesting. Even if shes already interesting to begin with and she just doesnt present that way on paper and to her teachers, guidance counselor, and, well, the world. This is all part of our secret sauce at Ivy Coach.

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Economic Growth Of The Economy - 1506 Words

Economic growth rate can be measured as an increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another (Investopedia). Ylan Mui and Nelson Schwartz offer information on what is stagnating our nation’s economic growth. Many have been looking at the economic growth of the third quarter very disheartened. U.S. economic growth during the third quarter expanded at a 1.5% rate, which is considerably lower than the last quarter. There are many reason that the economy is experiencing this lackluster growth, and there are several terms necessary for understanding economic growth as it relates to the article. They will be introduced as we dissect the information presented. Inflation can be†¦show more content†¦Personal consumption makes up a large part of our country’s gross domestic product (GDP). In fact, consumption by U.S. citizens, on things such as insurance and healthcare, have grown more than twice the pace of growth in other parts of the economy. This a large contribution to our national GDP. Scott Clemons, a chief investment strategist commented saying â€Å"[†¦] the persistent strength of personal consumption bodes well for a continued modest expansion in the U.S. economy† (Schwartz). Even still, many manufacturers and businesses are being forced to cut production because they anticipate this lack of growth will continue into the next year. A part of the economic slowdown is contributed by the slow inventory accumulation of businesses. Many businesses have opted to let the goods that they have in inventory slowly diminish, rather than make new additions. This is unlike the strategies they used at the beginning of 2015 when there was more economic certainty. However, now that businesses are cutting production, they have increased their business investment. We see trends in business investment in equipment and intellectual property (Schwartz). Companies have opted for the ‘law of diminishing marginal return’, which states that savings and investment in capital is a source of labor productivity, it will not be sustained without technological advances and increased human capital (Bade, Parkin). Many businesses are hoping that these investments now will lead

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Effects of Illegal Logging free essay sample

As we know human need air to live without air we can not breathe, so it is important for us to keep our forests. environmental problems arise as a result of human activity itself, utilization of natural resources that exceed the threshold carrying capacity of land and without regard to the aspects of sustainability will be bad for the environment. Based on the data that I quoted from the internet, Indonesia has a total forest area of about 126. 8 Million Hectares From Sabang to marauke, and 26. 8 million hectares is expected to accommodate the lives of all Indonesian citizens, amounting to 46 million people. llegal Logging according to Law No. 41/1999 on Forestry was a violation of law committed by any person or group of persons or legal entities in the field of forestry and trade of forest products; cut or collect wood forest products (HHK) of forest land without permission, receiving or buy HHK allegedly illegally collected, as well as transport or have HHK without a Certificate of Legal Forest Products (SKSHH). We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of Illegal Logging or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The causes of illegal logging is illegal for both timber and land conversion to other uses, such as plantations, agriculture and settlement. Over time population increases day by day more and more rapidly, causing the pressure of needing a place to live, the trees be felled to clear land for residential or agricultural. Other factors are the factors of poverty and employment factors. Generally this happens to the people who live near or in the woods.Amid the difficulty of competition in the world of work and will crush the economy, society would not want to work as loggers and from this community can sustain its life. This is sometimes exploited by financiers like-financiers to exploit the forest without a permit from the authorities. In fact, when seen this wage is nothing compared to the consequences will be felt later. Rapid technological developments so that peoples ability to exploit the illegal logging of forests, especially for the more easy to do. With the evelopment of technology to cut down trees that did not take long, because the increasingly sophisticated tools. Wood is still the regional income. Commercial production includes the production of timber and processed products, the production of oil and other plantations later. On one hand people need woods for varietry of needs, for tradisional people, wood used as materials building, and fuel for cooking. On the other hand, people seeking profit by doing illegal logging, the example like they sell the wood for personal benefits or they make a factory on the open areas.The first effect of illegal logging can disturbance or damage to the ecosystems that cause the components that make up the ecosystem, which is species diversity of plants and animals to be disturbed. The second effect of illegal logging is a flood. The trees are cut down to the numbers is increasingly less able to cause the forest no longer absorb the rainwater that falls in large quantities, so that water can not seep into the soil so that it can cause flooding, as happened recently in Wasior flood disaster, Papua, which killed nearly 110 people.And the other e ffect is decreasing the number of backup sources of ground water or spring water in forest area. This resulted difficulties to get clean water and lack of water for irrigation. The conclusion is we can used natural resources such as wood as long as we can preserve it, because natural resources are a gift from God, and we must keep the resource so that can be used in a long term.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Socrates vs Galilei Essay Example

Socrates vs Galilei Essay Throughout time, history has woven for us two great men whose exemplary achievements helped shaped the foundations of modern science, mathematics and philosophy: Socrates and Galileo Galilei. Although they lived in two different worlds and eras (470-399BC and 1564-1642 AD, respectively), it is nevertheless impossible to note that they are in a way interwoven in both achievements and nature. Perhaps their most common point of intersection is the very fact that they were firstly, philosophers in nature. Although much of our knowledge of Socrates is derived from what his most promising student, Plato, among others have revealed to us in his dialogues. It is, therefore, a sad thing to note that so great a man had not written nor published anything of himself or his philosophies. However, all things have their reasons. According to Hooker (1996) Socrates believed that knowledge was a living, interactive thing and therefore his method of philosophical inquiry was by means of questioning people on the positions they asserted and working them through questions into a contradiction, thus proving to them that their original assertion was wrong. In fact, he himself never takes a position skeptically claiming to know nothing at all except that he knows nothing (According to Plato in The Apology). The Socratic elenchus (self-examination) eventually gave rise to dialectic, the idea t hat truth needs to be pursued by modifying ones position through questioning and conflict with opposing ideas (Hooker, 1996). We will write a custom essay sample on Socrates vs Galilei specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Socrates vs Galilei specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Socrates vs Galilei specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer However, although Galileo was also a philosopher, the philosophical thread that ran through Galileos intellectual life was a strong and increasing desire to find a new conception of what constitutes natural philosophy and how natural philosophy ought to be pursued (Machamer, 2005). This paved the way for the scientific revolution. He was able to publish various books and materials on different subject matters. He was known as the father of modern observational astronomy(Singer,1941), the father of modern physics(Weidhorn, 2005), the father of science( Weidhorn, 2005) , and â€Å"the Father of Modern Science (Finocchiaro, 2007)†. His famous discoveries included that of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter, the supernova explosion, and the sunspots found on the Sun’s surface. He was also a strong follower of Nicholas Copernicus in his belief that the Sun was the centre of the solar system. At this point, we notice how both philosophers have differed. Socrates was a man of exceptional knowledge and philosophy, however, not one of his philosophies has reached today’s archive first hand. For someone who has changed the world in many ways, he has chosen not to leave us anything we could really call authentic. Galileo, on the other hand, as thus provided us many eye-openers concerning our world and have helped us understand the ways of nature preserved in his writings. His discoveries and studies have contributed much to present-day human knowledge and advancement. Socrates is also commonly pictured as a religious figure as his philosophy tends to drive a way of living. Thus, he has been encumbered with the admiration and emulation normally reserved for founders of religious sects—Jesus or Buddha (Nails, 2005). On the other hand, Galileo is more of a scientific figure as he has fashioned a good deal of scientific and mathematic truths and laws which are currently being used as it is or otherwise as a foundation of much of the laws used in our days. And although he was a devout Roman Catholic, he was charged of heresy for supporting Copernicus’s claims of the sun being the centre of the universe and that the earth moved. Another area of contrast is in the fact that Socrates was deeply involved in politics that according to Platos account, Socrates was in no way subtle about his particular beliefs on government. He openly objected to the democracy that ran Athens during his adult life (Wikipedia, 2006). He himself was put on trial for the reason of being involved in the oligarchy form of government implemented by the Spartans. When Democracy was restored he was placed on trial, which is interpreted by some scholars to be an expression of political infighting (Hooker, 1996), and then executed. Our other philosopher seems to have little or no record at all of political interest, although according to Machamer (2006) he politically named the four moons circling Jupiter (now known as the Galilean Moons) as the Medicean stars (after the ruling family in Florence, his patrons). Beyond this, no record shows any other political patronage on his part. Despite their differences, both these men have excelled in their different areas in life and have helped create who we are now at this present age. This goes to show that we are but standing on the shoulders of giants who have been inquisitive enough to learn more of life and way to live it.

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Hegelian Idealism Sparked a Revolution

Hegelian Idealism Sparked a Revolution Free Online Research Papers Hegelian idealism sparked a revolution in philosophical thought. According to our readings, The Power of Ideas, the response to Hegelian idealism on the European continent was quite different, and is known as Continental philosophy. Within Continental philosophy there are various schools of thought who include existentialism and phenomenology. This essay will describe the historical development of Continental philosophy’s existentialism and phenomenology as a response to Hegelian idealism. Historically, both existentialism and phenomenology have roots that can be traced back to pre Socratic philosophies. â€Å"Each school of though has influenced the other to such an extent that two of the most famous and influential Continental philosophers of this century, Martin Heidegger and Jean-Paul Sartre, are important figures in both movements†(). Existentialism has several main themes. First, existentialism believes the world is absurd and irrational and that no real explanation can be given for why it is the way it is. Also that philosophy is centralized to whatever experience every individual has with the world. â€Å"Traditional and academic philosophy is sterile and remote from the concerns of real life†(), Finally, every single individual chooses their own destiny and how they choose to live in this irrational world. Hegelian idealism was opposed by many 19th century philosophers. Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Soren Kierkegaard were all opponents to these Hegelian beliefs. They believed it was impossible for an individual to find the purpose of their living. To them, the universe and everything in it is rarely rational, and any types of philosophies that attempt to make the universe rational are hopeless attempts to overcome pessimism and despair. Beginning with Soren Kierkegaard, lets explore some of the beliefs and views of these three influential philosophers as they relate to Hegelian idealism. Soren Kierkegaard disagreed with Hegel’s system. Personally, Kierkegaard emphasized individuality and the will and need to make important choices. He placed emphasis of the individual’s capabilities to control their actions and choices and also that humans could only find respite through commitment to God and the infinite. This was the only thing that could save a person from despair. According to Kierkegaard, the purpose of philosophy was to speak to the anguished individual who is forced to live in an irrational world and to make decisions being in that world. Arthur Schopenhauer was filled with pessimistic views on life and humanity. He believed that human’s capacity to reason was a result of any impulsive action as a way of rationalization. He also disagreed with Hegel’s system and developed a theory that will, physically manifesting all phenomena lead to accomplishment of everything. Friedrich Nietzsche was influenced by the readings of Schopenhauer and also disagreed with Hegel’s idealism. However, he did disagree with Schopenhauer’s view on cosmic will. To Nietzsche, the world is driven by the will-to-power. He believed that Western society had become mundane. Basically, people had become too willing to do as they were told and were enslaved to the ideas of saying no to life and embracing lives devoid of joy. It was his personal beliefs that only the Superman was capable of escaping this trivial life. This Superman embraces the will-to-power and is able to create, rather than discover. God is dead according to Nietzsche. Only the meek and compassionate worship God as their source of values. Research Papers on Hegelian Idealism Sparked a RevolutionAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeQuebec and CanadaGenetic Engineering19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenThree Concepts of PsychodynamicBringing Democracy to AfricaHip-Hop is ArtBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfComparison: Letter from Birmingham and Crito

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Global Family Business Leadership Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Global Family Business Leadership - Term Paper Example The company incorporates two exceptional principles: Efficiency and Freedom for generations. This distinguishes Mars from its competitors. Being a private family owned business there has to be freedom to make long term investments (Nicholson, 2005). The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) began in 1930when its predecessor Morgan Guaranty Trust Company helped U.S based oil companies to strengthen their operations in Saudi Arabia (Aronoff & Ward, 1996). Morgan Guaranty Trust Company is owned by 20% of the shareholders based in London (Barrett & Moores, 2009). Expansion to a market segment like Saudi Arabia may pose tricky situation bearing in mind the religion and culture of most residents in this market. In addition, clashing values, setting and atmosphere play a crucial role in the new entrance (Nicholson, 2005). All businesses require proper management in order to succeed in its endeavors (Aronoff & Ward, 1996). Mars being a global family business believes in seeking leaders’ advises in regards to protection of culture, putting in place business innovations and in providing direction to visions and values of the organization (Nicholson, 2005). The greatest challenge of such a role is unique to every family and context of operation Mars included. It should be noted that leadership in such positions as family businesses is one of the most debated and perplexing scenarios world over, yet least understood. This paper seeks to gather thoughts and experiences with a view of solving puzzling intricacies behind Mar’s expansion into Saudi Arabia. Family business leaders often face numerous strategic challenges in their efforts to maintaining a strong cultural identity of the business (Nicholson, 2005). This research paper underscores emotional intelligence in management, family-non-family relationship at the management apex, collective leadership as well as cultural build up

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A Critique of a source of evidence related to an aspect of practice Essay

A Critique of a source of evidence related to an aspect of practice - Essay Example isease which have yielded greater life expectancy, the situation has become more complicated due to the dearth of time and over reliance on technology for healthcare delivery. In the process, the humane angle is sometimes neglected which can have serious consequences on patient compliance as well as the quality of life post treatment. The situation in case of older people is worse. With growing number of their population in society and the fact that most of the older people are either single or have nobody to care for them, it becomes imperative to address the issues pertaining to their dignity in the hospital environment as well as in the social setting. The idea of evidence based clinical diagnosis and practice has emerged and achieved a prominent place in the last few decades to address many of the problems encountered in the hospital setting (Knottnerus & Buntinx, 2009). Past experiences, clinical trials and the surmounting medical literature has churned out stupendous amount of knowledge about diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment modalities for various diseases which are impossible to store within the confines of the human brain. However, the recent advances in information and communication technology have placed a means to access the most pertinent information in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Making a decision about the most appropriate diagnostic procedure and treatment modality to be adopted should therefore be backed by thorough research and investigation providing a strong basis for the approach to be used in the peculiar situations confronting one in a clinical setting. This allows for the right decision to be taken at the right moment with full justification and forms the basis for evidence based practice. Health care organizations all over the world are making endeavours to facilitate information transfer from literature to practice in order to ensure evidence based practice (Pipe et al, 2005). The issues of handling patients and